Small Groups/Solo Travelers Bulletin

We often hear from small groups and solo travelers who need to pair up with others to meet our minimum reservation requirement. If this is your scenario, we invite you to make an announcement or browse postings to quickly connect with like-minded skiers and riders who are equally as stoked on making the journey to Kyrgyzstan.

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    5. The minimum requirement on our guided tours is 5, max 6. For self-guided the minimum is 4, max 8-10.

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    Your Ideal Scenario

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    2. Our guided participants can further customize their tour by choosing to join us as either an “Independent Traveler” or a “40 Tribes Traveler.” Independent Travelers are responsibile for coordinating their own transfers from Bishkek to Karakol and back. The 40 Tribes Traveler package includes private transfers.

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    1. Please provide as much info as possible regarding relevant backcountry experience amongst your group (ie # of years skiing bc and level of avalanche training for each group member, favorite locations/destinations, accomplishments, etc) and also describe the level of skiing/degree of challenge you are seeking:
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